Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yonder Camping

The prof survived a camping trip with me. Yup. The man still lives and seems to be relatively unharmed.

Several weeks back, way too early in our "relationship" to be talking about such things, I mentioned to prof that Yonder Mountain String Band was coming to do a show in the mountains. I love me some Yonder. Just saying. Anyway, seeing them involves an overnight stay because it is waaaay too far to drive. And the overnight stay involves camping because I am waaaay too cheap to pay for both concert tickets and a hotel.

Amazingly, prof also likes bluegrass and had even heard of Yonder. And, even though he hadn't camped since he was 8, he wanted to go. So, off we went. I just have to mention though, what a pain in the ass camping is. Even though I have everything I need, lugging crap out of the basement, packing the car, menu planning... good lord. Its exhausting. And now I'm doing it in reverse (this blog post is in part a procrastination tool to avoid the mess of camping equipment sitting in my living room needing my attention)

We had a great time. He danced with me at the concert - so few boys will really dance with me; mostly because I flail around so much. We tailgated. We successfully set up camp in the wee hours of the morning without any major problems or arguments. We seemed to work really well as a team. Not once did I think to myself "get off your lazy ass and help me you slacker" and I really thought I would. There are people who wait to be told what to do, and there are people who jump in when they see a need. He is, thankfully, the latter.

But here's what I realized today. This was my trip. I was totally in control of just about everything because he hadn't ever really done any camping before. From who would drive (me) to where to put the tent, what to eat, where to park, where to hike, how to pack... all my decisions. And he didn't have an opinion of his own because he had no other frame of reference. Of course we didn't have any conflicts! He didn't know any better and couldn't challenge me! Lord knows what would have happened had he actually had an opinion on something... "That's not how you do it!" "No! Let me do it!" "I'm going to drive. No I am!" "I hate you. I want to go home".

So, now, he has learned camping my way. And all other camping trips will be a breeze because he will know how to do things the way I do things! What a great thing! I am a genius!


Elena said...

Kevin just had the revelation yesterday that we don't fight when he just does things the way I want them done (the right way, duh). I think you've found yourself a keeper :)

Ms Behaviour said...

I am officially a big fan of this Prof guy :)