Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer Run

My paycheck is getting smaller - starting tomorrow. I've tried to have a good attitude about it, but any way you slice it, less money and more work blows chunks. The talking heads had been tossing around a great big number, which would have stung pretty bad. We wound up taking a 2.5% hit. Still blows, but I figured, 2.5% is just my beer money. I can take the hit.

I thought.

I stopped by my friendly Indian owned liquor store today for a 6-pack (maybe a 12-pack if I was feeling especially generous to myself) and thought I'd go for something upscale. A Magic Hat or a Dogfish or a Saranac... Something light, but with some flavor.

Then I choked when I saw the prices on the microbrews.

$9.49. For six beers.

I swear, the last time I was in there, that shit was eight bucks. I've been drinking lots of wine lately (mostly out of a box. I never claimed to be a society type) so its been a while since I've hit the beer aisle. When did that happen? Who authorized that price jump?!

How are we supposed to get through this recession if my paycheck decreases, and I can't afford to buy the alcohol that would lessen the pain?! Come on Obama! You are giving Cletus $4,500 dollars to trade in his El Camino for a Camry! What are you going to do for those of us who already drive fuel efficient cars and ride public transit? Where's the incentive for those of who fuel ourselves with beer, instead of gasoline?

Its time for a new recovery plan people. The Barley and Hops recovery plan. Let the great beer recovery of 2009 begin! Write your Senator. You can make a difference.


Ms Behaviour said...

This is apropos.

kristen said...

9.49 for a 6 pack seems cheap to me...

also, cash for clunkers is over already. the clunkers of the country ran thru the entire budget for it within 4 days of it being launched.

not surprising - i mean, if you told me that i could take my POS car and get $4500 for it (and given me enough time to even blink before the program went belly-up) i would have gone and gotten something and then sold the new car and bought my old car back and i bet i would have turned a profit...

Kimberly said...

Alcohol & cigarettes are recession proof. If you jack it up, people will still buy it.