Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big Trouble in Tiny Cottage?

Next week, I'm headed to the beach for a well-deserved break from stupid bosses, sick cats, bills and housework. My family has a tiny cottage in a place that's nowhere near the ocean but close enough that it could be considered a "beach house." It is close to the community dock, and I can throw my kayak in and paddle around to my hearts content without driving a gazillion miles. The downside? Most of the time there is no tv unless the bunny ears miraculously start working, there's no internet and a.c. units that are so old, crusty and loud you'd rather sit in a pool of your own sweat rather than turn them on. The beds are all too hard or too soft; no matter what choice you make, you regret it in the morning and can't stand upright until noon. And, the best thing? The mildew/mold makes my sinuses scream: 9 times out of 10, I come back with a cold or sinus affliction.

But, I still love the place. And its all mine for six days.

Mine and the professor's.

I don't know what came over me, but almost a month ago, I mentioned beach week to him and said that if we were still together he was invited. It was way too early to be making plans a month in advance, but we've tended to do that, so whatever. Plus his schedule is flexible. He didn't have to take vacation time; nobody knows or cares if he shows up on campus all summer long. So, if we had hated each other, no big deal. Nothing lost.

But, we are still together. And he will be coming to my moldy, tiny and hot cottage. For five days.

I think its going to be really fun to show him around the area that I know so well and to have lots of relaxing time to spend with him. No getting out of bed at the crack of dawn so I'm not late for work. No driving in rush hour traffic to meet for dinner. No mid-day gchatting. Just lazing around, paddling, swimming, soaking up skin cancer and reading the pile of books I got from the library.

And getting on eachother's nerves...

I think it will ok. He's bringing his own car so he can escape (or I can send him for things). We've already agreed that its perfectly ok to do things alone; I like sitting on the beach way more than he does and am perfectly fine doing it by myself if he doesn't want to. We're both adults (well, he is anyway. Not so sure about me.). We can survive. I mean, people move in together after a few months; so certainly I can get through 5 days... Right?

And if I can't, I'll be escaping with my laptop to the nearest Starbucks free internet hub to bitch about it.


Ms Behaviour said...

It's good that you've talked about doing stuff alone. Takes the pressure off spending continuous periods of time together. One of the things I like most about being a "grown up" is that you have the sense/foresight to have these mature conversations.

Elena said...

Not to burst your bubble, but unless you have a converter box, there will definitely be no TV at the cottage. Remember the switch to digital? The days of the bunny ears are long gone, my friend....

And you guys are going to be fine. Just bring lots of booze :)