Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The New Right-Wing Strategy

The Christian right-wingers have apparently launched a new strategy to eliminate the non-believing left-wingers.

I was innocently walking to lunch with a co-worker yesterday - reducing my carbon footprint and doing my part for society. As I was just starting to get near the edge of the sidewalk, at the handicap ramp no less, a dark colored large cadillac makes a right hand turn. ONTO the sidewalk.

That bastard had his tire 6 inches from my foot. On the sidewalk!!

I was shocked and horrified and turned to shake my fist at him, but I didn't get that far. Because on the license plate was the following text:


He is Lord.

Oh my god.

I nearly got taken out by a Jesus Mobile.

The irony was too much. And I had to laugh rather than shake my fist. But I'm worried he might come back to finish the job...


Ms Behaviour said...

Maybe it was "he is lard"? Or "he is lurid"? Anyway, I like to think that Jesus will have better things to do when he comes back... like laughing and pointing his smiting finger at evangelists and nutjob fanatics.

Janet said...

I just found your blog while browsing around BlogHer. This posting about the Jesus Mobile is hilarious! I'm a new follower.

Susan said...

Welcome to my world Janet!