Thursday, November 19, 2009


The darkness when I leave work is having a serious impact on my energy level. I was going to write a big long post for you all, but I simply don't have the energy. My eyes are stingy. My body just wants to lay on the couch, be fed, and watch Grey's Anatomy. My head also would like a serious painkiller (I really need to nab that big bottle of Percocet at my dad's house. He doesn't need it anymore, but I do.)

So, I will leave you with some random thoughts and promise to bring you totally up to date soon:

1. The new mammogram guidelines are crap. Who cares if you have 2 days of anxiety, or repeat tests, as long as your boobs get to stay attached to your body?

2. A Dr. Beavers was discussing said mammogram guidelines on NPR. If you don't think that an OB/Gyn named Dr. Beavers isn't funny, well, I can't help you.

3. My father's doctor called me and left a message last week. I haven't called back. I think they are trying to schedule a follow-up visit. Guess they didn't get the memo.

4. Along those lines, the nurses from his hospital wing sent him a get well card last week. Guess they didn't get the memo either.

4. I'm having increasing moments of sadness. I keep trying to squash them because I don't feel like dealing with it. This is probably unhealthy.

5. I need to pay bills more often. I think the utility company likes to be paid monthly. I'm not quite living up to that.

6. Its dark ALL THE TIME. Perhaps you have noticed.

7. Prof and I have been together for six months. And I still like him. And I've never, not once, wanted to wring his neck. He's never made me cry. He's never made me mad. He's never made me feel unloved or unappreciated. My, what a difference a year makes.

8. I'm NOT having his babies. Enough said.


Ms Behaviour said...

It might be unhealthy but it's also normal.

I like this new layout wallpaper thingy. It's super cute, enough that I wish I could steal it and pretend it was mine.

Katy said...

1. Love the new blog design.
2. I have an OB/GYN whose name is Dr. Peter Wong. That's right up there w/ Dr. Beavers.
3. Mom had the same thing happen w/ drs offices, and all sorts of other places that "should have known." it sucks. people are stupid.
4. Darkness sucks major butt.
5. I'm so happy that in this darkness you have sunshine-y Prof.

erin said...

It's dark all the time, well, because it's dark all the time. But also because you are in a dark period of life right now. It sucks, but they happen sometimes. Just know we're all out here sending you love to help you through it.

I learned a really interesting lesson this year (one that I forget over and over and over), but every time I remember it and do it, I feel better faster:

Honor what you are feeling.

My natural tendency is to resist feeling my emotions. I think that's common. But when I tell myself "OK, I am sad" (or pissed off or frustrated or whatever) I've found I get it out of my system FAST. I let myself feel whatever it is, then POOF! It's gone.

Lots of love to you, my internet friend.

Ms Behaviour said...

Hi. Are you okay? Just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. I know it's a holiday down there. If it helps you avoid things, you're welcome to come visit Canadia for a bit. We have to go to work like chumps today. No black Friday shopping here either!