Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Persistent little f'er

A couple times during my Mexico adventure, I sucked my breath in, forgot about the certain death that was lurking around every bend in the river, and remembered that BB had text messaged me right before I left, and that I hadn't really made a decision about what to do.

And then it reminded me that the last time I was in Mexico, ten months ago, I was caught up in BB drama and doing my best to get him out of my system. (Do I call him ever again? Do I pay him for those last concert tickets? Will there be closure? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)

And then I got mad because I'm starting to associate the entirety of the great country of Mexico with BB drama, and that's just not fair to my good Mexican hosts.

Its wouldn't even really be worth mentioning at all, except for this tiny little fact...

That fucker called me today.

Hello? I never responded to his text message - wouldn't that be a hint that I wasn't in to talking to him? Apparently not. So, thank god I didn't hear my phone vibrating in my work bag. His message went like this "Hey Susan. Its BB. Just checking in. I'm going to be on the east coast next month. I didn't know if we were talking yet."

Breezy, easy. "Just checking in." Really? People check in when they are dating. Not when they haven't spoken in almost a year. And, uh, the fact that we haven't spoken in a year should be a pretty clear indication that we aren't talking. I'm honestly blown away at his persistence and audacity (and arrogance?). The fact that he is coming in for an east coast visit makes me believe that he would like to get together and catch up on old times; like the time he dissed me on Valentine's Day. Good times - I will always remember them fondly.

The problem is, with a text, then a phone call, I feel like I have been put in a place where I am required to respond in some manner. I don't like feeling like that. He's put me on the spot. Do I email him - let him know I'm ok, but that I'm going to have to pass on the great BB reunion? Or, do I not respond and risk more and more attempts at contact? I've moved on (and traded way up, by the way). Why can't he?

I'm going to sleep on it. I doubt that it will help me figure it out, but at least I'll get to be in my big comfy bed.


trish said...

Unbelievable!!! The nerve! I hate this guy.

Elena said...

Don't call him back. Closure is something you have to give yourself--there's nothing he can do or say to give that to you.

kristen said...

my instinct is to say ignore, ignore, ignore but i fear next he'll just show up at your door.

therefore, i'd say text him back and say 'nope, not talking - now or ever'

Miss OverThinker said...

I think you should completely ignore him, meaning no text/call/email and he'll finally get it that you want to be left alone.. or you could email him..I wouldn't call him, and definitely not meet him - I don't think he deserves that, but that's just me..

Ms Behaviour said...

You don't *have* to DO anything. You don't. You can ignore him and don't spend another second of your life feeling guilty.

But, if you want to close the door on him, you will probably have to talk to him. Tell him you have moved on, you found a wonderful man who is absolutely everything you couldn't have with BB and more than you thought possible with anyone.

BB is arrogant enough that it won't make a dent in his ego. In fact, he is probably just looking for an East Coast booty call and won't give a crap that you found someone who makes you happy.

i like cheese said...

This guy is delusional. I'm with Trish...i hate him!