Monday, March 8, 2010

Back in Action

The headaches have lifted. I don't know what worked, but something did. I felt so good for a couple days last week that I turned right giddy. Even after a terrible meeting, I was happy and enthusiastic and smiley. WTF?

I think its been months since I've felt nothing in my head: no pain, no thud, no pressure... So when I finally realized, "wait! I can't feel my head!" it was a liberating moment. It didn't last long, and its not easy to maintain.

I'm taking 2000 mg of Magnesium Gluconate a day - that's 4 pills. Plus 400 mg of B2. That's four more pills. All as migraine prevention. Plus my pill pill. And the allergy pill. And two Alleves in the morning. And two at night. And the blood pressure pill that's also a migraine preventer. I counted it up, and with my regular vitamins, I'm swallowing something like 18 pills a day.

Plus, I'm off the coffee.

That's right. No coffee for susan anymore. Tea only. I feel like I'm drinking gallons of tea a day, herbal, green, black, chai, infusions... I cheated last week and had a half a cup; within about 30 minutes, the pounding started. Boo.

I'm also trying to do a little yoga in the morning, to relax and center. Not really that relaxing, since I'm yelling at the cats the whole time to get away from me, but at least I get a little stretchy in before climbing into my car for the daily commute.

So, my point in telling you all this? Well, first, I want you to feel sorry for me. Then, I want you to remember how much you enjoy my witty and insightful blogs. Then, I want you to look forward to reading more of them, since I can finally see straight again. Plus, there's been a lot happening that deserves some attention.

And, speaking of things that deserve attention, there is a Bachelor wedding tonight. Oh, my favorite indecisive douchebag bachelor Jason is marrying the naive little Molly. I have a glass of wine, a barf bag and several rotten tomatoes. Oh god, its on now! Romantic montage! Ew.

I feel a headache coming on.

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Ms Behaviour said...

Yay more blog posts for me :D Glad you can't feel your head :)