Sunday, March 28, 2010


Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions on how to reduce my springtime schizophrenia. Moving to New York City where the closest thing to weeding is pointing your poodle pee towards the weeds on the curb is definitely a good idea. Except I'd have to sell my house, move to a city, find a job that would pay me enough to find some semblance of somewhere to live, and find a semblance of somewhere to live. Then, after all that, I'd probably miss weeding.

Funny thing is though, moving to NYC is probably more likely than me asking for help, the obvious remedy to susan the schitzo. But really, ask for help? Please.

You know what HELP stands for? Having Everything Less than Perfect.

(I made that up all by myself. I spend a lot of time in the car. Alone.)

Seriously. Not only would getting help result in things not being done to my extremely high and totally unachievable standards, but I would actually have to admit that I can't do it all. And I've always been able to do it all. Always. Asking the Prof to help? I don't know. I hate doing it. When we first started dating he told me how much he liked mowing grass, and I got this little gleam in my eye. Oh yeah, I had found my man. But, it didn't really pan out. Turns out, he's not so much of a lawnmower man.

But maybe I'm getting tired of doing it all. So, I'm going to try to prioritize, I'm going to say no, I'm going to stop obsessing about a 4.0 GPA and maybe, just maybe, I'll ask Prof to help.


kristen said...

ooh! but we have the 91st street community garden. totally optional weeding - available any time you want it!!!

however, dont think of it as help. This is going to be cheesy as hell BUT one of the best things about J is that i honest-to-god feel like we're a team. I have things to do, he has things to do and we both compensate to get everything done. sometimes it means he picks up where i cant and sometimes i pick up where he cant. this relationship is, without a doubt, the first time i dont feel like its just all my responsibility and the guy is there to help - and you know what? its seriously excellent. and you know i'm just as control-freaky as you...

Ms Behaviour said...

OMG epiphany happening here!

Relationships = Teamwork!

Damn. There's a lesson my parents didn't teach me. Thanks Susan and Kristen.