Thursday, March 11, 2010


Its finally happened.

I've run out of things to say.

I was just sort of zapped tonight. I'd sat at my desk at the office for almost 9 hours straight, working on a big presentation for next week. Had a long drive home; stopped at the grocery store, fed the cats, put the groceries away (yes, in that order. The extremely obese cats are under the impression that they are starving to death).

Then I called Prof. "What are you doing?" "Nothing." "What are you doing?" "Nothing." "How was your day?" "Ok." "How was your day...."

But there was nothing to say. We'd hung out the night before. Nothing happened during the day to discuss. I mean, I could have provided him with details about layering photos on top of each other and using the animate feature in powerpoint, but really, why would I want to bore myself with that, let along him? I was tired and couldn't really come up with anything else to banter about, so I just said, "I don't really have anything to say. I think I'm going to go make dinner."

And it occurred to me how weird that was.

I really thought we would never run out of things to say to each other, but here we are. Less than 10 months, and I'm out of material. He's heard about my day everyday for months on end. He kinda knows how it goes. I've heard about his. I kinda know how it goes.

Its fine though, really. It was bound to happen eventually. We're hitting a new point in our relationship - the boring, settled part. Relationships can't be new and exciting forever.

This must be why people have kids. Then you have plenty to talk about.


kristen said...

some people just get engaged and start planning weddings...

Katy said...

Ditto on the kids and wedding thing. Its ok to run out of things to say. Sometimes the quiet makes you closer than the talking.

The Angel and Demon Within said...

Next week I will have been married for 8th years; wow, doesn't seem like it's been that long. My mate and I always say the same thing each night; much like your own conversation. We most often answer each other with a simple "fine." We then enjoy the silence until our spawn, uh-I mean child, comes in to rattle on about not being able to find some toy. The point is, once you reach that point when you can sit with each other, not speak, and still enjoy being with that person you know you have something good.