Friday, April 23, 2010

Whose afraid of the big bad mood?

Tonight, I am in a foul, horrid mood.

I don't really know what happened. I had kind of a busy and annoying day at work. And I was finally able to put in words how work was going: I feel like I'm in charge of 5 boulders that are all rolling down the hill. I'm in charge of keeping them on the hill, so I just run from one to the other, pushing it back up, while the other ones charge down the hill. There's some biblical dude who did that, but he only had one boulder. That's easy! I have five.

I got hung up at work a little bit late taking care of random stuff, and didn't get home until 6. Not normally a problem, but my agenda for the night was: mow grass, eat dinner, pack kayaking stuff and head to Prof's for the night. Then I realized I had some school work that still had to be done. So, I was feeling stressed and pressed for time.

Then I got home. And my level of annoyance and anger just shot through the roof.

I have asshole neighbors. That's the only way I can put it. They are uneducated, inconsiderate and breed like bunnies. I can't keep track of how many people live in the house, but its at least Mom, son #1, his wife, his child and son #2, plus some random cousins and homeboys. Son #1 is like what, 24, has been in jail several times for drugs and drunk driving and, hey, imagine this, is unemployed.

So son #1 and all of his douchebag, unemployed, good for nothing friends hang out all day, all night on the front porch, which is no big deal, but their front porch is attached to MY front porch. And their back porch is 3 feet away from MY back porch. I have to wade through cigarette smoke and rap music almost every time i leave my house. And tonite, I lost it. They got to me.

I've spent the last 3 hours fuming at them. I've asked them to quiet down once, and it worked for 2.5 seconds, then they went back to it. You can't reason with people who have been drinking all day, so, kindly asking them again to shut the fuck up just isn't going to be effective.

I can't explain to you how horrible it is. I can't get away from them. The walls are thin - I can hear them in all parts of the house. And all I want to do is relax and chill and go to bed early. And all I can do is concentrate on the cursing and disrespecting and male posturing coming from 8-10 disenfranchised young men.

So, I was too stressed and angry to go to Prof's and get away from these jerks. I had a minor meltdown while i was trying to finish homework and block the sounds of idiocracy out. On the verge of tears. How can it be that noise and assholes can have such a profound impact on me and my sanity?

This is not what Friday night is supposed to be like.


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Elena said...

Sounds like someone needs to move to a nice house in suburbia with a special someone very soon..... :)