Monday, May 31, 2010

Foreshadow Week

Earlier this week, I had pizza and beers with an old colleague of mine. He was the guy who introduced me to iPods, bluegrass and kayaking, so was quite influential on me (obviously) and it was really nice to catch up and talk about old times. Invariably, when we talk about old times, we talk about a particular person who was a contractor we worked with on media stuff. For years, we couldn't shake this guy - he was everywhere, and he annoyed us, and we were merciless when we discussed him behind his back.

After about 2 beers and three pieces of pizza, I actually started fondly remembering this guy. In part, because it was so fun to deconstruct him and tear him apart after hours, but also, despite being annoying, his heart was in the right place and he was never anything but nice to me (I'm a horrible person).

Then, the very next day, I walk into work. And there he was. In the flesh. Doing all those things we used to make fun of. Immediately, I no longer fondly remembered him, but made nicey nice anyway and caught up a little bit on what projects he was working on, what projects I was working on, yadda yadda.

It was so bizarre and coincidental. And I wouldn't have even mentioned it, except that it happened again yesterday.

On Saturday, during our drive to the river, my friend and I started discussing men. Of course. What else would two women talk about when faced with 2 hours of highway at 7:30 am? We discussed her man, my man, other people's men... Sometime over the course of the discussion, man hair came up, so of course, I had to talk about BB, who is still the hairiest mo'fo I've ever seen. His name came up a couple other times during the drive, but you know, its pretty normal to diss on ex's on long car trips.

And then, Sunday night, I had several Facebook messages on my email. One said "BB wants to be friends on Facebook" and a little thumbnail of his face was right there, staring me down. Taunting me. It was too much. I had an involuntary reaction - the same reaction that I've had every single time he has emailed, phoned or texted in the past year and a half. Its a combination of cold sweat, anxiety and nausea. I can't believe I still have a physical reaction to that dude. No, wait. I can't believe he keeps contacting me so that I have to have that reaction.

I feel like I made it happen. First the media guy. Then the BB. I need to stop talking about people I don't want to see. Maybe I'll learn my lesson.

But, at any rate, once again, I've been put in a situation where I have to make a decision to respond, or ignore. Every freaking six months, he puts me back in this situation. What is it?! You'd think he would have forgotten or given up by now. I sure have. You don't see me randomly contacting him. Its sad, and its terribly annoying. Dude can't be my Facebook friend. End of story. That kind of access to my life is limited to my real friends. And my kayaking friends. And people from middle school I haven't seen or spoken to in 23 years. Because they don't make me want to hurl when their thumbnail shows up on my screen.

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kristen said...

dude, facebook lets you put people on BLOCK.

I use it sparingly, but I highly recommend it...