Friday, May 7, 2010

Good News Friday

By 9am, today was deemed Good News Friday, and despite having a debilitating headache yesterday and bureaucratic crap all over my desk, I was in a damn good mood all day.

The first piece of good news was really the best news I think I've gotten all year. My friend's husband has been critically ill with kidney failure for the past year, due in part to his Type I diabetes. Its been really, really difficult for them, as newlyweds, to deal with such a blow. Dialysis never really seemed to do the trick and he just seemed sicker and sicker and sicker. Until today, when he got the call. A tragedy for a 19-year old's family turned into a celebration for my friend and her husband. And yes, when you stop to think about this whole organ donation thing, it gives you pause to be so happy for an event that was born out of such unhappiness for others. But, it is what it is. And right now, friend's hubby is under the knife, getting both a kidney and pancreas (no more diabetes!). They still have a very, very long road in front of them, but they finally get to begin their journey.

And, on a much, much, much, much less significant note, I won a tiny victory in the battle of the next-door-douche-buckets. Last night, I looked up their landlord's business card and wrote him a very nice email, with as positive a tone as I possibly could. I told him about the douchebaggery next door, how it was affecting me and my home and asked what we could do to work together to solve the problem. Got an email back from him at 8am that said he would take care of it. No problem. Let him know if it continues.

Damn. Why didn't i do that three years ago?

So, major victories by 9am kept me buoyed and happy all day. It was nice to finally get to be the positive happy one in the office, instead of the cynical bastard I've been recently. I hope it can last at least through the weekend.

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Katy said...

Awesome. Please send my congrats and best wishes to friend and her hubby! What wonderful news for him. Now if we could only fix her weird food allergies....

And good riddance to your douchebaggery!