Monday, May 3, 2010

Still here, I swear

You don't know how many great blog post ideas I have every day - because they sure as hell never get written for you to read them. There are so many random musings, rants and stories in my head for you, I can't keep track of them. And I'll never be able to catch up. But trust me, my yet-to-be-written thesis on women's bathrooms is going to kill! (I'm totally serious.)

I don't know what's happened. No. That's a lie. I do know what's happened. And so do you. I'm in this committed, stable, nice happy relationship with a dude who is smart and funny and supportive AND a vegetarian and I've got absolutely nothing to bitch about. The venom and snark was what used to keep the posts coming your way on an almost daily basis during the dark years, but now, my venom and snark is mostly reserved for upper management at work, and my douche-bucket neighbors (oh so much venom for the douchey neighbors).

But hard times are afoot my friends. There are going to be some pretty serious changes in my life in the next 6 months or so. Prof and I have ramped up discussions about moving in together.

I'll just let that sink in for a second... Ok? Good.

For a while, the "if" was emphasized in statements like "If we lived together, you could rub my back, everyday!". Then for a couple weeks, it was "when" we live together. Then it went back to "if." Its back to a pretty solid when. His lease is up in November, and his landlord wants to up the rent by what I consider to be an utterly ridiculous sum. He could swing it, but on principle, he needs to get out of there. However, owing to the smallish nature of my townhouse, coupled with the douche-buckets on the front porch, him moving in here isn't really a viable option. That is, its not a viable option if we'd like to successfully live together without stabbing each other, or the occasional neighbor.

So, we're talking about buying a house.


With like, his money, and my money, combined into our money.

When I stop to think about it, it makes me just a wee bit uncomfortable. But when I don't do the thinking thing, it sounds quite nice. Then, after .0001 seconds, I go back to being uncomfortable. But this is how it works. In less than 2 weeks, we will have been together for an entire year, and it was some kind of year. If we can get through this fall together, I feel pretty confident that we can get through most things. Though, even just thinking about the dividing of household chores makes my skin crawl.

So, we are still just talking, and a lot of things have to happen before we can move to somewhere new. And it terrifies me, and excites me all at the same time.

And just for good measure, I checked out lawn tractors at Sears this weekend while he was getting lawn mower tune-up parts. Because of the current neighbor situation, I am finding myself attracted to houses on excessively large lots. Excessively large lots that require mowers that do not plug into the wall and have more horsepower than my beetle. And so, it begins...


Katy said...

So I seriously got all misty when I read this (even though g-chat already told me). I agree. This one's a keeper. Big lots also mean more room to run away from each other when you drive each other nuts. :) Good for you. And I wholeheartedly agree that if he's stuck with you and you've stuck w/ him this year it doesn't get much harder. Besides Mrs. Prof or Mrs. Cynical Prof has a nice ring to it. LMFAO

Susan said...

OMG. You are a riot. I'm glad that my living situation can make you tear up. As for what I will be called from here on out, I myself like Dr. Love Cynic. I can get it emblazoned on my new lawn tractor.

Ms Behaviour said...

Do it. I want to live with Prof vicariously thru you pretty please.