Sunday, May 16, 2010

Twelve Months

"It must be true love if I'm picking your nasty snot rags off the floor." -Prof

And thus began the first day of our second year together.

Yesterday, May 15, marked a year since Prof and I went on our first date. It was the best first date I think I've ever been on (except that he didn't walk me to my car, which I think I've forgiven him for) and its just gotten better and better from there. Yesterday, we talked about how he almost canceled on me - he was tired of dating and was having trouble stomaching the thought of another date that would just lead to an awkward "break-up" after 3 dates. I wasn't about to cancel (free dinner and all) but had the same concerns. I mean, let's face it. My track record on men wasn't spectacular, except for the venom I produced when I talked about them afterwards. I had pretty low expectations going in and never thought this year could go so fast.
It makes my stomach turn to think about what could have happened if he had decided to cancel. Would we have rescheduled? Would I have written him off entirely and moved onto the next douchebag, and the next, and the next? Would I have been with someone who wouldn't have supported me during the hospice stay? Or maybe worse yet, would I have had to deal with that alone? I can't imagine it. And am so thankful that I don' t have to.

But, we both canceled on our anniversary plans. He had made reservations at a sweet funky Mexican place in the city so we could have a fancy pants night out. It was going to be a little hectic, given that this is the last weekend before the end of the semester and we both have lots and lots of work to do, but we were really looking forward to it. Then, on friday, I got the scratch in my throat and pounced upon any frozen drink I could find to numb it. Then, on friday night, Prof got it too.

And on Saturday, we were both miserable with the same cold. Happy Anniversary baby. Please accept this rhinovirus and box of puffs plus as my gift to you. Dinner was canceled, since we were both exhausted and couldn't taste anything. I pushed through for a few hours and worked in my garden, then had to sleep for the rest of the afternoon. He did about the same. Despite my exhaustion and need for bed, I drove my ass up to his place so we could at least see each other on our anniversary, if not "celebrate." We got take-out thai and watched half of Anchorman before neither of us could hold our eyes open anymore. We went to bed before 10.

Some anniversary, huh? Well, at least I got some presents out of it, including a very horrendous university themed snuggie that I had been asking for since Christmas. I was waiting for them to go on clearance - but apparently, cheap fleece doesn't go on sale, even in 90 degree heat. Who knew it was going to be needed so desperately? I love my ugly snuggie. I particularly like that he had to go buy it, in person, and risk being seen with it. Ha! Why are snuggies so damn funny?

So, the thing is, I was disappointed that we didn't go out for our big night on the town, but I was just happy that he was there with me and sharing my misery. Because really, that's what its about, right? Having someone you can contaminate with your germs and who will pick up your snot rags and still love you.


kristen said...

totally agree - i mean, anyone can have fun at a fancypants dinner - how many people still want to hang out when everyone is sick??? that is, pretty much, what its all about...

Unknown said...

That's why I celebrated with them on Friday night -- the day before their anniversary. The Spanish tapas were killer and so was the company.

Katy said...

Damn, the secret of love is out. Prof definitely defined it exactly as it is. Way to go "Mike" for crashing dinner! :) Haha!

Unknown said...

A) I was invited to join the happy couple for tapas

B) There was another person involved as well. It was a jovial foursome for Spanish drinks and eats.

C) I'm always good company ;)