Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 men and a girl

"What was your motivation to start whitewater kayaking?"

"Ironically, it was to meet boys."

That got them laughing.

This weekend, I found myself the sole female member of an 8 man kayak training group. And unlike most men who like outdoor sports, these guys mostly lacked ridiculous amounts of body hair and didn't smell so bad I wanted to wear my nose clips all the way down the river. I pitched a mini-fit when I found out the group arrangements - I had agreed to help with the training course in part because I wanted to hang out with my chick kayaker friends who I never get to see. Hanging out in an all guy group was not going to allow me to chill with my girls, and giggle and make fun at the guys. I was left to giggle and make fun at them all by myself. But don't worry, I did quite an excellent job.

I don't know whether I was being punished for something, or whether the organizers thought I was the only one uniquely suited to handle the testosterone. I hope its the latter, but you never know.

It was good that I was there though. Even though I'm not the most motherly person in the world, that nurturing instinct takes over sometimes when I see someone struggling. Man, I can totally sympathize with struggling to stay upright in a whitewater boat. There were two or three in the group that weren't doing as well as the others; the were hesitant and timid and I could see a wild look in their eyes. I found myself constantly checking in with them and encouraging them. They all lived through the weekend and all came out smiling at the end.

I really enjoyed helping to teach these guys, and introducing them the sport that I've invested so much time, money and effort into. There is some talk of me going for an instructor certification, but I think that's some time away.

This weekend got me really excited about kayaking this summer and really wanting to go back for more. The only bad thing is that weekends of kayaking take me away from the Prof, and weekends are the only time we really get together. And I kinda missed him while I was away.

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