Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pychic Cookie

Last time Prof and I went to the local asian grocery store I searched high and wide for a bag of fortune cookies. Eventually, after some hand gestures from the non English speaking clerk (helpful ones), I found them at ankle level near the refrigerator with unidentifiable meat like substances.

They were a good investment. Just sweet enough to keep the evil sweet tooth and bay, and interesting enough to keep boredom at bay.

I'm heading to the river tomorrow, and am feeling sorta frazzled (as I always do when I overpack my weekends). I grabbed a cookie and thought "let's see what the cookie has to say about my river trip tomorrow."

And damned if that cookie didn't say "you will have a good trip."

Spooky. I hung it on the fridge, to make me smile tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn when I'm desperately rummaging for a lunch to pack and wondering why I didn't go to the grocery store.

Perhaps I should find some more difficult questions to ask the cookie next time.

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