Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Crash into me

For those of you who think that I've gone soft since being with prof, I've got a glimmer of hope for you.

On the way home from work, Prof asked me if I had heard about the bus accident that involved a husband and wife. Of course I hadn't. He's the one that surfs the internet all day and finds this stuff. So, he tells me more about it... husband and wife both driving school buses. Somehow, there is a nasty accident between the two buses and the wife ends up dead.

My first question to him: "Was it on purpose?"

Because of course, it can't just be a tragic accident between a sweet old couple who have been in love for centuries - it has to be a calculated act to get one of them out of the way to get a newer model or to get the insurance money.

I guess I'm less cynical about my own relationships these days, but still plenty cynical about others'. Interesting.

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