Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Trip

I have the iPod charger, travel connect four, trail mix, a pillow and my snuggie. I think I'm ready for our first real road trip.

I'm getting up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to finish packing and get my ass out of town. Destination: cool, wonderful, beautiful Bar Harbor Maine. Oooooh. I can't wait to get there. Its been so very seriously awfully stinking hot here and its so not any of those things in Maine.

Prof and I have never spent more than about three hours in the car together and I get really antsy when I'm not the one in the driver's seat (how THAT like the rest of my life). Tomorrow's drive? Somewhere between 11 and 14 hours, depending on how many times I stop to pee, and how many times I insist that we stop to stretch and check out the scenic overlook. We are taking Prof's car, which makes me even more antsy. I want to take MY car on road trips! But, MY car has a tendency to break down in New England. Every. Single. Time. So, Prof's ride it is. Hopefully the Civic hasn't learned any nasty tricks from the VW.

We are going to hike, and bike, and kayak, and relax, and read, and swat flies, and talk with a funny accent, and drink blueberry wine (then take migraine pill) and sleep as long as we want...But more importantly, we will actually get to spend some time together. We haven't had much of that recently. Feast or famine baby. Yesterday, not enough time together. Tomorrow? WAY too much time together.

I hope we survive.

We are taking a laptop with us, so, if you are lucky, I'll post pictures and make you jealous. I love the intraweb.


erin said...

I've never been to Maine, so I'm excited to see your pics. And now I sort of want to visit Maine someday! Have a great trip and good luck with the insane-o car ride!

Unknown said...

How can anyone not love Mt. Desert Island? I have so many fond memories from my road trip there last summer.