Sunday, August 15, 2010

The offering

Its been an emotionally exhausting weekend. If there are three things I hate most in this world, its change, uncertainty and aggressiveness. And we had the trifecta this weekend.

Ok, fine. If those probably aren't really the three things I hate most in this world. I guess the three things I really hate most would be war, poverty and ignorance. But right behind that is change, uncertainty and aggressiveness.

We spent three and a half hours on Thursday at the realtor's office reading contracts, filling out paperwork and being totally exasperated. My realtor is a friend of the family - a sweet old lady who drives a Cadillac and recently had a pacemaker installed so is forced to hold her blackberry a foot away from herself to talk on it (lest it interfere with the pace-making). She is thorough, but very slow. And not very aggressive or pushy. Aggressive and pushy are traits I avoid in friends and acquaintances, but in a realtor, I should have sought them out just a tiny bit more.

So, with much frustration and eye-rolling across the table between Prof and I, we got the papers signed, photocopied and faxed. Because we have to negotiate with both the owners and a relocation company (why us!), our realtor wanted to give them at least a week to respond. Jeezus lady. We can't wait around for a week wondering whether we are going to own a house or not. We pushed back and agreed to Wednesday.

Then we left and did our part for charity by drinking all you can drink wine at a fundraiser for the local food bank. Lord, did I need a stiff drink after that.

I've been walking around in a sort of haze. We just did this thing that requires a major life commitment to each other. That, and a ton of cash, of course. All without all those legal protections you get from spending thousands of bucks on a big party with a bad dj and an open bar.

I have been doing my best to keep under control. To limit the anxious butterfly feeling in my stomach. To adapt the "whatever happens happens" ideology. To stay positive and upbeat. But I am too smart to be too positive. Buying a house together comes with significant risk, and living together will have lots of benefits, but its also going to be difficult at times.

On the rider we had to sign for the offer, it asked a question that read "why are you moving?" We wanted to put "not enough conflict in our lives" but decided to just leave it blank.

At least we can laugh about it before it happens. Wonder if we will still be laughing later, when the conflicts start happening?

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Unknown said...

Sounds like you could use a musical jam session to soothe those jangled nerves.

...And congratulations!!!