Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Relo Nightmare Part 2

We withdrew our offer on the house.

You probably already guessed that was the outcome. We are so disappointed, and still wondering if we did the right thing. But how could it have not been the right thing? Everything was working against us. Time, permits, our realtor, their realtor, the relo company, common sense...

We stewed about the permit issue all day on Saturday. We had the same conversation over and over again, just worded differently. Or maybe not even. We just couldn't understand how something as seemingly simple as putting in an offer on a house in a market like this could have gotten so difficult, and screwed up. We also couldn't understand why the relo company wouldn't agree to our terms. And why both of the realtors involved thought that a verbal agreement trumped a written contract.

I will say again, I'm not stupid. Particularly when I'm investing a crapton of money.

So we stewed and stewed and on Saturday, then called our realtor and asked her to withdraw the offer. Technically, we didn't have to withdraw - since the seller hadn't signed out contract we didn't have an agreement that we were legally required to back out of. But, she wanted to make totally sure, so there was more paperwork to be filled out. So depressing. I mean, how many pieces of paper do I really have to sign to not buy a house?

We've spent most of the week wondering if we should have pulled out so soon (giggle) but the more and more we find out, the better I feel about it. Prof did a lot of reading about relo company sales and found out that a lot of people have gotten royally burned; but then again you can find stories like that on the internets for everything from cell phones to tastycakes. We also found out that its illegal to require the use of a certain company for deed and title searches - one of the conditions of the relo rider. We also found out that our realtor could have had their lawyer go to town on these guys, but we were never made aware of that option.

We found out later that there was more miscommunication between our realtor and the seller's realtor than we had previously thought. And again I wonder whether the outcome might have been different with a different realtor.

But, we've made our choice and are backing off for a little while.

No biggie though. The housing report that came out today said that housing sales were down over 25% in July. I think we might be able to find another house. One with a permitted deck, a basement that doesn't flood and a seller that is a human, and not a corporation.


kristen said...

and a new realtor, i hope!

Unknown said...

It's for the want to be sure. It'll feel right when it happens.

erin said...

Oh dang, that is so crappy. Sorry it didn't work out... I agree with Mike's comment. It'll feel right when you find the right house.