Monday, September 27, 2010

Controlling the chaos

At some point in my life, I'm going to realize that things are never going to "calm down" and that I'm always going to be "crazy busy." I used to think it was my fault - have a free night? Fill it with banjo lessons! You have a board position open? No problem, I'll take over! Do you need the number of a good plumber? Hell no, I can DO IT MYSELF!! But I control only so much, and I'll take my share of responsibility for it, but folks, things are "crazy busy."

And here it is:

My brother miraculously sold his house in two weeks, sending the whole family (what's left of it) into panic mode. He's moving into my dad's house, and is buying me out of my half. But before he moves in, the whole house has to be gutted and remodeled. Well, we did the gutted part. My childhood home now has no bathrooms on the second floor and no kitchen. There are holes in walls and floors all over the place. And brother is moving in on Wednesday. And I'm helping. Not because I'm good at demolition, or enjoy week long arguments about whether it is truly necessary to knock out and replace every single wall in the house (not an exaggeration), but because I'm a good sister. And I want him in, so he can get his mortgage, and I can have my money. But mostly because I'm a good sister.

As we are filling the biggest dumpster money can buy with barbies, drywall and toilets, Prof is busy cleaning out his house, and I'm desperately trying to get things fixed and organized at my house so he will be able to move in. Its less than two months away and I've made little progress here. Basement still needs a cleaning and organizing, kayaks need to not be in the living room, closet has to be cleaned out so that there is room for boy clothes in there. There is SO not room for boy clothes right now. But at least I still have kitchen cabinets. And two months.

Two months seems like a long time, until you count the weekends. And take away the two weekends that I'll be away for wedding celebrations, and the weekends I'd like to dedicate to knocking on doors making sure that the village idiots aren't elected to office on Nov. 2 (or going to the Rally to Restore Sanity), and the weekends I'm supposed to be researching and writing my 20 page paper for my class (not to mention the group projects. Group projects!), due right after Prof moves in.

Did I mention the Great Kitty Litter Battle of 2010? That's pretty time consuming too.

I should probably also mention that I've taken a new board position, but I'm not in charge. I narrowly escaped being in charge by grabbing the second-in-charge position. But I'm totally screwed if the chair can't fulfill her duties and I have to wear the tiara.

Things would really be out of control if I could exercise or kayak, but thanks to my elderly hip, I'm still sitting on the bench with a doctor's note. Susan can't participate in gym until her doctors can figure out what the hell is wrong with her.

So, before I drop into bed today, I'm hoping to get my group project rolling, write an analysis of a case study, and clean some crap out of my closet. And have a lengthy conversation with my brother about insurance and bills at dad's (brother's) house. But I wanted to also let you all know that I was still here and still kicking, and still have lots of stuff to say. Just not the time to say it!

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