Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Final Countdown

This is it. My last night alone in my bed.

Prof is coming over early tomorrow morning to sacrifice himself to the Verizon Fios God, who promises to be here between the hours of 8 and 12 to drill holes in my wall and connect me with tv that has more than 5 channels.

I will go to work when he gets here (I'm not sacrificing myself. Well, not for tv anyway), go to my chiro appointment, then we will begin tearing up his place. We'll sleep there tomorrow night, keep packing on Thanksgiving, maybe grab a bite at my family's place down the street, pack some more and come back to my place with an initial car load of stuff.

Then we get the truck on Friday and start hauling the big stuff.

Then it will be over. Or it will be beginning. Or both. But whatever it is, I'll be glad when Saturday comes.

Its traditional for the person moving in to make breakfast in bed, right?

Thought so.

Please tell Prof.

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