Saturday, November 20, 2010

They're Baaaaacccccckkkkkkk

The Headaches. They are back.

I was fairly convinced that I had them licked. But I'm down for the count for the second time in 4 days and the frustration and anger and general "its not fair!" is building inside, threatening to explode. If my head doesn't explode first.

Here is what I've been doing for my headaches:

1. Pills. 2000 mg of Magnesium Gluconate daily. And 400 mg of B2 daily. Both are supposed to bind to something to stop headaches.

2. Caffeine. And by caffeine, I mean, very little. No coffee. EVER. My name even got crossed off the coffee collection list at work. I've switched to Earl Grey. Couple cups a day. Seems to give me a small amount of caffeine, but not so much that it triggers a headache. Do you know how shitty it is to have to walk by the delicious organic, chocolaty smelling coffee we get, on my way to the water cooler to dunk my tea bag? Well, I'll bet you can imagine.

3. Chiropractor. I had two separate people recommend her to me, telling me she cured their headaches forever. I've been going weekly for about 2 months, but I'm still having headaches. I was misaligned, and she has been focusing on keeping my Atlas bone where it should be (its the very top vertebrae, and usually out of whack in migraine patients). Now it stays in place, but so does the head pounding.

4. 3-months of birth control. I suspect this is where some of the problem is coming. Its a full moon. My body wants to do what it wants to do, yet there are hormones there that shouldn't be. I went on the pill a long time ago in part to take care of headaches. And it think its both helped and hurt, but, it might be time to stop.

So, something is working, because I have more headache free days than I used to. I used to have a low-grade headache for days and weeks on end. Now, I go days and day when my head feels light and free and happy and clear. On those days, I feel like I can do anything. My energy is high, my focus is sharp, my wit is terrific (ok, i may be exaggerating). Now, its even more frustrating when I have a bad headache, because the contrast from a good day is so great. I felt so awesome yesterday. Today I feel like shit. Hip pain, I can work through. Shoulder pain, I can work through. Snotty nose and sore throat, I can work through. Someone squeezing my head, slight dizziness and nauseousness. Uh-uh. No go. Home on the couch. Feeling sorry for myself.


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Just Sayin... said...

Sorry you're feeling so rough.

Here are my suggestions:

Lay off the tea!!!
Tea has more caffiene than coffee, so I'm told.

Switch or stop taking the bcp.
My headaches stopped completely 13 years ago when I stopped taking the pill, and my recent stint with Yaz reminded how painful that was and you do not have to live with it.

Lower your salt intake and up your calcium. Also helps with pms symptoms.

Try Yoga.
Beginner classes only that focus on the breathing and twisting poses. Releases everything, not overnight but a few classes in, you should see some results.

Really hope you find a solution and the source that's casusing you so much trouble.

Feel better xo