Friday, December 3, 2010


For those of you breathlessly waiting for the stories of the first disastrous week living together, prepare to be disappointed.

I've got nothing.

Don't get me wrong, we are definitely going through an adjustment period. We still have boxes to unpack, and Prof still isn't sure where his contacts or beard trimmers are. And most of his clothes are still in bags and boxes. I think the breakdown will happen when I try to find space in the closet. I forgot that big men wear big clothes; they take up a LOT more space on the shelves. If he wore sweaters, I would be in serious trouble.

Here's some good stuff:

1. I haven't scooped cat poop in days. Yes, that's sweet and all, but if he doesn't scoop it, he has to smell it until I get home. I'm still giving him credit for it though.

2. I showed him my clogged sink, hoping that maybe he would pick up a plunger for me when he went to the store. Instead, he made a coat hanger scrapey/pokey thing and fixed it. I point - he fixes. I like.

3. The bed is warm.

4. He started taping Wife Swap (can you still call it taping, if its really just on the DVR?) and we've been watching it together after I'm done working on homework for the night.

5. Oh yeah. And its nice actually seeing him and talking to him everyday.

And some more annoying things:

1. He makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning. As if its not hard enough during the dark cold days of December, not a day has gone by that he hasn't said "play hooky and stay in bed!" Grrr...

2. We have to have that discussion every night. You know the one I'm talking about. "What do you want for dinner." I'm hell bent on eating the damn CSA turnips that are clogging the fridge. Prof? Not so much, and after tasting the roasted ones from last night, can't say I blame him.

3. There is a lot of food in the house. There are not a lot of places to put food in the house. Still adjusting to the caloric intake needs of a full grown Prof and the space constraints of a townhouse.

4. My mother has his cell phone number now. It was inevitable. If there is ever an emergency, my boyfriend will need to be able to consult with the person who can pull the plug. She called his number 3.5 seconds after I gave the number to her, because I wasn't answering my phone. And so Prof gets dragged in to the insanity.

5. We really aren't spending a lot of time together yet, since I'm still trying to finish up the semester. I'm in the office working on it (and, of course, procrastinating and blogging) and he is entertaining himself. But that will be changing very, very soon...

So, that's my story. For now. Anyone have any good turnip recipes?!

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