Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 - f. u.

Seriously 2011? Do we have to have a talk already? You are only 3 hours old, and already you have turned into a chimpanzee shit thrower.

Or maybe its not the fault of 2011. Maybe its the fault of 3 too many chocolate martinis, some carrot cake, a cheese log and a half bottle of champagne?

Nope. Let's blame 2011.

So, here it is. Just after 3:00 am on Jan 1, 2011, and I am sitting at my dining room table. Blogging. You know why? Because I am afraid to go to bed.

Because I just threw up. Four times.

Seriously folks. I am 35 years old. I am way too old for this shit, and I didn't even do anything to deserve it. Except have sushi for dinner, drink three very stiff chocolate martinis, cram carrot cake and crackers down my gullet, and top it off with half a bottle of champagne.

As I said, I've done NOTHING to deserve this.

F.U. Food Lion Carrot Cake.



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erin said...

OMG. ME TOO! I threw up 8 minutes before midnight and then a million times more for the next 5 hours. It was the most awful night I've had in years. I wasn't drinking, though, so mine is either a stomach virus or food poisoning, but it was AWFUL. Not the greatest way to start a new year. Hope you stopped puking! I finally did, but I still haven't eaten more than gatorade and crackers.