Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crappy Poosday

Too bad I didn't know that yesterday's bank excrement incident was a foreshadow of the things to come today. I would have taken a tranquilizer and stayed in bed. For days.

We had a sloppy mess of a winter storm last night. After spending 20 minutes chipping ice off my car, I nearly hit a car in front of me at a stop sign. Apparently, nobody bothered to chip the ice off the road.

When I got to work, I was immediately handed the phone and told "this guy sounds angry." Excellent. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with guy, an angry tea-party government conspiracy theorist, while he berated me and my work and threatened to bring us down, embarrass us and expose us. 45 minutes. I remained calm. Didn't engage with him. Gently disagreed. Pointed him to other resources and eventually was able to get off the phone.

I emerged from my office dazed and shared snippets with my co-workers, who managed to be both sympathetic and gleeful at my plight.

Not too long after, I learned that our massive database somehow got corrupted. No one can figure out when or why it happened, but it did. One of our date fields indicates that most entries were made on December 31, 1899. I'm going to have to go back and check, but I'm pretty sure Microsoft Access wasn't around in 1899, so I'm pretty sure those entries are wrong.

While dealing with those two messes and simultaneously juggling several thousand other things, my computer lost changes to documents I was working on, and forced a shutdown to install new programs. On most days, this would have been minor. Today, it brought me to the verge of angry tears of frustration.

Then I came home. To poo. Cat poo. And lots of it. Smelly poo. In places it shouldn't be, like the living room. Leroy the cat has developed a serious issue. Now I've got both Leroy and Arlo pooping all over the house.

Every time I turned around at home, I was dealing with more poop. Real poop. Emotional poop. Douchebag poop.

I gave up before 9pm, and got in bed. I can only hope that today will bring better things.


Just Sayin... said...

It's a fullmoon.

Whether you believe in that or not, it might have screwed with your alliment at work and the pets a little.

Stay in bed. I'll write you a note for work. ;)

Susan said...

I should have taken your advice and stayed in bed. Things just went downhill from there... :(