Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just another manic Sunday

Sunday nights are my least favorite night of the whole week. As soon as I wake up, I start having mild panic attacks about accomplishing every single one of the unrealistic goals I had for myself for the weekend, that of course I haven't started.

This weekend, mine went like this:

  • Take time to relax (ha!)
  • Go on wicked long hike (check)
  • Wailin' Jennys Concert (check, and fucking amazing)
  • Big House hunting adventure (check)
  • Make all dirty laundry magically get cleaned and put away (no check)
  • Weed the garden and plant stuff (no check)
  • Organize a closet. Any closet (no check)
  • Finish all necessary homework (no check)
  • Start packing for Amsterdam (no check)
  • Get new glasses readjusted so they stop making dent in my head (no check)
  • Pack lunch (no check)
  • Pack gym bag (no check)ut
  • Spend quality time with Prof (check)
  • Spend quality time with friends (quasi-check)

I feel this pressure to have everything completely perfect and done in the house on Sunday night, because come Monday, ain't nothing getting done, and its a slow decline into chaos by the end of the week. The more chaotic it starts on Monday morning, the worse and worse it gets through the week. It wasn't always quite this bad - but Prof adds twice the amount of laundry to the mix, and twice as many groceries to buy (no, nix that. Three times as many). He pulls his weight, don't get me wrong, but always falls asleep before the laundry is done. Like now. So, even if I go get it, I can't put it away and I start monday out in chaos.

And this is why I hate sundays. It was like this in 8th grade (I don't WANNA go to school tomorrow), I thought maybe someday I'd be over it. But I'm not.

I don't WANNA go to work tomorrow.

I also don't want to stay home and do laundry. So, I guess I have to put on my big girl pants and go. That is, if my big girl pants are clean.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

House Hunt

I've become obsessed with our house hunt - which is funny really, because its not so much of a hunt anymore as it is deciding to actually DO something about it.

I've been "eh" about every house that has come up for sale in our target area since August, when we put in an offer on one. Good thing we didn't get it, because now that I think about it, I'm pretty "eh" about that house too.

So, a big horrible national company is building 12 new houses down the street from the house we offered on last summer. We've been talking with the sales rep on and off for a while, asking questions, thinking, asking more questions, looking at the plans but I wasn't really ready to decide.

Building a new house is rife with problems, like, it takes forever. And like, you have to pick out every single little detail (ever seen me try to order at a restaurant where I have more than 2 choices? Its not pretty.). And then you have to like, pay for those little details. Particularly when you like the expensive details. And then when you are done, you have a spec home. A spec home that has to be painted and decorated and landscaped and breathed life into.

But shit, let's face it. 98% of the east coast is spec homes. Even my friend's charming downtown house, with hardwood and crown molding and pocket doors was ordered from a Sears catalogue. Most of them have turned out ok.

So I've been going back and forth on this for a while. Do I sell out and build a new home, when there are hundreds of houses sitting there waiting for a new owner? Do I buy a house I don't like that much and spend weekend after weekend after weekend fixing it up?

Then, they dropped the prices by twenty grand.

Hello. Game on. Now the decision isn't really whether to build new, its whether to build the reasonable house, or build the ridiculously too big for two people house (perfect for entertaining!).

I really like the ridiculously too big for two people house...

The sales lady is putting the pressure on; telling us she's got "holds" and contingent contracts on several lots already and that they are going fast. My ass. But, even though I know she's exaggerating (or maybe just flat out lying), I'm starting to get panicky. I mean, there really are only 12 lots; and they have just made it a really, really good deal.

So Sunday, Prof and I are going one more time to look at some models and try to figure out what will work the best for us. And then I guess we might actually start the process, and buy ourselves some fancy new digs.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update and stuff...

Hi. Remember me? I'm Susan, the girl who used to blog here on a fairly regular basis. But that was before I:
  1. Moved in with a boy (specifically, Prof)
  2. Got saddled with one diabetic cat, and one hyper-thyroid cat. Pill for you. Shot for you. Special food for both. Pill for you. Shot for you. Oh Look! More poo on the floor! I love my kitties.
  3. Decided to take 2 classes, both which require time off from work because the bastards only offered them during the day. The benefit? One of them involves a trip to Amsterdam.
  4. Decided to take weekly time off work to attend said classes during the busiest and most stressful time in my career.
  5. Decided that despite the glut of perfectly good already built homes on the market, we should seriously consider building a new one. This has resulted in obsessive google searches and several daily visits to the online virtual tour plus lots of visits to half built model homes with desperate sales reps.
  6. Started weight watchers online. You wouldn't think that simply tracking the garbage I put in my mouth would be that difficult. Ha! But I have shed 5 pounds in the first month or so!
  7. Stopped exercising. Seriously, I can't tell you the last time I went to spin class, or god forbid, jogged. This has been mostly because of my bum hip, which has been a serious issue of late, but sprinkled with a healthy dose of "I don't feel like it!"
  8. Started DVRing Little House on the Prairie. The simplicity of Pa Ingall's black and white morality coupled with fluffy dresses and the occasional pony (not to mention Nellie Oleson!)... well, it speaks for itself really.
So, that about brings you up to speed. I've had lots of stuff I wanted to rant and rave about (I mean, discuss with you), but I guess it wasn't interesting enough for me to tear myself away from the shenanigans of Laura Ingalls. Now that you are up to speed, perhaps the rants can begin again.