Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update and stuff...

Hi. Remember me? I'm Susan, the girl who used to blog here on a fairly regular basis. But that was before I:
  1. Moved in with a boy (specifically, Prof)
  2. Got saddled with one diabetic cat, and one hyper-thyroid cat. Pill for you. Shot for you. Special food for both. Pill for you. Shot for you. Oh Look! More poo on the floor! I love my kitties.
  3. Decided to take 2 classes, both which require time off from work because the bastards only offered them during the day. The benefit? One of them involves a trip to Amsterdam.
  4. Decided to take weekly time off work to attend said classes during the busiest and most stressful time in my career.
  5. Decided that despite the glut of perfectly good already built homes on the market, we should seriously consider building a new one. This has resulted in obsessive google searches and several daily visits to the online virtual tour plus lots of visits to half built model homes with desperate sales reps.
  6. Started weight watchers online. You wouldn't think that simply tracking the garbage I put in my mouth would be that difficult. Ha! But I have shed 5 pounds in the first month or so!
  7. Stopped exercising. Seriously, I can't tell you the last time I went to spin class, or god forbid, jogged. This has been mostly because of my bum hip, which has been a serious issue of late, but sprinkled with a healthy dose of "I don't feel like it!"
  8. Started DVRing Little House on the Prairie. The simplicity of Pa Ingall's black and white morality coupled with fluffy dresses and the occasional pony (not to mention Nellie Oleson!)... well, it speaks for itself really.
So, that about brings you up to speed. I've had lots of stuff I wanted to rant and rave about (I mean, discuss with you), but I guess it wasn't interesting enough for me to tear myself away from the shenanigans of Laura Ingalls. Now that you are up to speed, perhaps the rants can begin again.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cat poo. Also: hee! You're too funny.

Just Sayin... said...

Oh more poo on the floor.. I love my kitties! hahaha awesome.

You stopped working out and lost 5 lbs???..... find susan's blog and delete. hmph. ;-) Of course I wouldn't delete you....yet.

Congrats on the losing those pounds.