Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection and Resuscitation

I miss blogging and my blogging friends. Even more, I miss having things that I can blog about.

There's only so much whining about being busy and overwhelmed and stressed out that I can do (without adding to my being busy, overwhelmed and stressed out), and while Prof provides me with lots of "aren't boys silly" and "boys sucks at housework" material, it seems patently unfair to him to reveal our mundane everyday relationship details to the world (albeit with a sarcastic and humorous spin).

So what does that leave me with?

Not a whole lot, really, unless you want a picture every week of what comes in our CSA box, or videos of Leroy the cat being an asshole to Arlo the cat.

So, perhaps I need a blog resurrection (see the Easter theme? Pretty clever of me, eh? Wait, is that heresy? Can an atheist even commit heresy? If an atheist commits heresy in the forest, does anyone hear?) Maybe its a resuscitation, rather than a resurrection. I mean, the blog isn't dead - its just in a little coma.

I will tell you a little something that might help it come out of the coma, though I'm not sure what will come of it. I'm going to try therapy again. I've scheduled an appointment with a local therapist. I am both hopeful and cautious - there are still demons in my closet that have never been dealt with, but they are fairly ugly and I think will take a lot of self discipline to face up to. I'm not the best at facing things in my personal life: I'm much more of a swallow it down, keep it hidden, pretend it doesn't exist, kind of person.

Just like my mom. And my grandmom.

Hmm, self discovery already.


Anonymous said...

Hey you. I was wondering whether you'd stop blogging and whether you've been weaning your readers by posting so infrequently. I think you are hysterical and would read anything you write just to laugh. Therapy should provide a bunch of new material! Hope you are well and decide to come up to ME again this summer, WHEN I'm in town. KL

Susan said...

KL: No, no weaning. That would have been intentional, and it seems that I'm not doing anything intentionally these days! Glad I can still make you giggle, even if I have nothing to say. We aren't sure if/where/when we are going this summer, but if we head north, I'll be sure to catch you this time.