Sunday, May 1, 2011

Knick-Knames Challenge

Prof and I have reached a new point in our relationship. No, its not buying a house.

Its nicknames.

He just called me sugar muffin (or something like that). It was a joke, but I had to reprimand him, as no nickname should ever remotely imply the dreaded muffin-top. So he asked me what else he could call me. I don't know why, but when he challenged me to come up with something, my mind went blank except for a weird episode of "hoarders" where rotting gourds of various species were scattered all over the house in varying stages of decay. So, all I could come up with was "smushy pumpkin" (although, now, come to think of it, smushy might also imply muffin-top).

Yes, I am a profoundly strange person.

So, he's given me a choice. I get to tell him one adjective or one noun, and he gets to pick the other part. And I need you to help me come up with a good one. So, if we wanted to stay with the pumpkin theme, I would say "pumpkin" and he would get to choose "smushy" or "smelly" or "snuggly". Or, if I choose "beautiful" he would get to come up with "elbows" or "bum".

So, whatchu got interweb friends? What's a good noun or adjective for my new nickname?


Anonymous said...

If you only have half to choose from, it means it can be totally random. I mean, you can say "pretty" and he can say "meanie."

Nicknames need to be quick and easy to think of, too... you can't have a nickname that's 20 syllables long, as it'll never be used in that quick moment when we uses these terms of affection.

Anyways, here's a random list that might have some resonance with you...

brillo (as in "brilliant")
tudey (as in "attitudey")

and so on... okay, now I'm just running out of ideas... I'm sure others' ideas are better!

Susan said...

Thanks for the list anony! I especially like "tudey" and can think of some good ones to pair it with:

"Tudey butt"
"Tudey lips"
"sugar tudey"